Bahá’í of South America: a temple that dissolves into light

Bahá’í of South America is a spectacular project designed by Canadian Studio Hariri Pontarini Architects.
This shell of translucent marble and glass seems to float at 30 meters from the ground, echoing the topography of the Andes. Nine monumental glass sails frame this open and accessible place of worship. Looking at the central oculus, at the apex of the structure, visitors can experience an evocative passage of light from the glass exterior to the marble interior.
Mirum Pinhole 8W 2700K devices, in the wooden ceiling and Mirum Pinhole IP54 8W 2700K at the entrance ensure a discreet and confortable light with their minimalist design and a recessed optic. Star 3 Am 3W 2700K recessed, on the second floor, hidden within the wooden seats, define the indirect general lighting of the marble sails.

Lighting project: Limarí Lighting Design
Architectural project: Hariri Pontarini Architects
Products: Star 3 Am, Mirum Pinhole, Mirum Pinhole IP54
Photographer: Aryeh Kornfeld
Place: Santiago, Chile

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