Aurora 4000 Projectors (21W - 35W)


A powerful and discreet light

Aurora is a track mounting projector characterized by its small dimensions and an extremely elegant design. It is supplied with a hidden adjustability system and a very efficient optic which mark the fixture out and make the light to be the protagonist.
Aurora is available with four different optics and finishes which enable it to easily integrate within the architecture. Flexibility, design and efficacy: Aurora is perfect for all retail applications

Technical Data

  • IP40
  • II
  • 760 gr
  • Wall, ceiling mounting track
  • Supplied with adaptor flush to 230Vac track
  • >2000 lm


  • 7 White
  • H Black
  • W All white

LED colour

  • 6 3000K
  • 9 4000K
  • W 3000K CRI > 90
  • Y 2700K


example of code composition:
LensCodeFlowPowerPower supply
20° Reflector 783751._ _ 4000lm 35W 220-240Vac
30° Reflector 763751._ _ 4000lm 35W 220-240Vac
40° Reflector 743751._ _ 4000lm 35W 220-240Vac
LensCodeFlowPowerPower supply
20° Reflector 784249.__ 4000lm 35W 220-240Vac
30° Reflector 764249.__ 4000lm 35W 220-240Vac
40° Reflector 744249.__ 4000lm 35W 220-240Vac
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A00959.40 Hex louver
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