Mont Blanc Skyway

Mont Blanc Skyway, signed by Progetti Cillara Rossi Studio, is a jewel of technology and an important work of engineering. The cable car, a privileged window to observe the majesty of the nature, allows you to immerse yourself in a unique scenery. The plant is highly sustainable: the “green” DNA, in fact, is one of the main themes of the project.
In the heart of the massif, in Punta Helbrenner, the “Hans Marguerettaz” room hosts a permanent exhibition of the crystals of Mont Blanc. The jewels of our mountains, extracted over the years from various Valle D’Aosta “cristalliers” are enlightened by Operaprima4W 60°, perfect to enhance this precious universe in a very efficient and discreet way.

Project: Mont Blanc Skyway
Architectural Project: Progetti Cillara Rossi Studio
Display buider: Castelli-Bologna
Place: Courmayeur (Italy)
Products: Operaprima

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