Neos QF1 Fixtures with springs and trimless


Cutting-edge technology for contained spaces

The Neos series with its extremely compact devices and the different optics available, offers a high performance and high flexibility of use.

Multiple beam openings
Plasterboard fl ush installation
For residential and commercial use

Please specify in the purchase order 1 Frame for each Neos Q Modules

Techical Data

  • IP40
  • III
  • 600 gr
  • Ø 120x120 mm
  • Wall, ceiling recessed
  • Connect in series at 300mA


  • 7 White
  • H Black

LED colour

  • 6 3000K
  • 9 4000K
  • T 3000K Dim-to-warm
  • W 3000K CRI > 90
  • Y 2700K


example of code composition:
Neos Q module
LensCodeFlowPowerPower supply
20° Lens 783786._ _ 1200lm 10W 300mA
40° Reflector 723786._ _ 1200lm 10W 300mA
40° Reflector 723965._ T 1000lm(at source) 12W 350mA
60° Reflector 753786._ _ 1200lm 10W 300mA
60° Reflector 753965._ T 1000lm(at source) 12W 350mA
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A00394._ 0 Frame for Neos QF1
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