The deepest soul of Chilean nature according to Fernando Prats

“Su vertical nos retiene”, Fernando Prats’ work is inspired by the Chilean landscape and its extreme and wild nature.
In the Cerillos Bicentenary Park, sixteen iron columns, representing the Chilean profile of the Andes, are placed on a circular concrete surface surrounded by a mirror of water.

The project, a metaphor of the fragility of human existence, in 2019, participates and wins the COP25 Summit, ONU conference on climate change, in the category urban sculpture.
Limarí Lighting Design, who curated the lighting of Prats' work, tried to give it majesty through light, keeping in mind that, in the context of the ONU Summit, the project had to be highly sustainable and respect biodiversity and the dark skies, Key issues in all the projects the firm handles.

The designer has set himself the objective of emphasizing in a sensitive way the materiality and details of the columns, ensuring an intimate environment to the people who cross the work.
The ninety-six
MACRO IP67 3W 3,3000K, thanks to their small size and optical precision, have proved perfect to enhance the material characteristics of the project, also giving it an unexpected green soul. 
The composition of light that is shaped around the vertical structures ensures a night image really impressive thanks to a clever play of light and shadows that enhances the architectural lines of the work.

Opera: “Su vertical nos retiene”
Artist: Fernando Prats                                         
Architectural Project: Cruz Mandiola, Elton Leniz
Lighting Project:
Limarí Lighting Design
Place: Cerillos / Santiago (Cile)
Products: MACRO IP67
Photographer: Aryeh Kornfeld

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