Arnolfo: a sensory window on the Tuscan countryside

The starred restaurant Arnolfo chooses a new location really impressive.
A gentle hill, overlooking the medieval village of Colle Val d'Elsa, hosts The Frame, a masterpiece of contemporary architecture and new "home" of Chef Gaetano Trovato.
A mirrored frame looks after a treasure, the restaurant, and at the same time reflects the skyline of the Tuscan countryside seen from above.
The huge windows reveal Colle Val d'Elsa with its medieval buildings.
Walking along the majestic travertine footbridge of Rapolano, which allows you to reach any area of the structure, you enter the room where you are dazzled by a beautiful yellow marble of Siena that frames the large kitchen, ideal solution to admire the Chef and his brigade at work.
The high-tech cellar houses over 6,000 references.
For the tables there is a theatrical lighting that makes them real "stages of taste".

Aurora Zoom 1500 with a very narrow beam creates a scenic effect with the aim of living a multisensory experience to guests.
Armonia with linear lens 40° frames the yellow marble walls of the open kitchen, outlining the path to the entrance.
Tono RF are chosen to enlight the stairs and the exhibition wall while Tono B 48V, with a narrow beam, create bright accents aimed at enhancing details such as the precious labels of the cellar and the works of art.
The entrances are dotted with DGA outdoor luminaires.
Ted and Passo IP67 are silent presences that highlight the space without overwhelming it.

Project: Arnolfo
Architectural Design: Studio Milani Architecture
Location: Colle Val D’Elsa (SI), Italy
Products: Aurora Zoom, Tono RF, Tono B48 V, Passo, Ted H600
Photographer: Stefano Scatà

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