Designing and manufacturing the best LED lighting fixtures requires a genetic aptitude: the DNA of a company is the result of its experience, its know-how and its way of doing things. Having been a good manufacturer of lamps is not enough to become an excellent manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures. The LED is a new way to conceive the light. It requires carefulness and creative talent, like the precision engineering. As per the most advanced Hi-Tech sectors, the LED forces to the research and to the continuous updating of the know-how. Besides all this, DGA adds two decisive features: the flexibility, in order to satisfy all customers’ requirements, and a maniac accuracy for every single detail. This is what creates the unique quality and the great reliability of a DGA product.


Other manufactures adapt the body of their traditional lamps in order to host a LED circuit. This is not what DGA does. A lighting fixture is designed ex novo in order to optimise the performances of a specific LED, in a coherent and essential way which is distinctive of a professional equipment. The beauty of DGA light fixtures is the consequence of an honest, crystal and precise way of thinking. They are beautiful and pure, just like the technology which is inside them.

1989 DGA was born
2001 DGA is one of the few companies investing in the LED research
2004 DGA patents a new modular technology for the power led employment
2008 DGA patents and technologies are applied to new kinds of led fixtures
2009 DGA manufactures the first fixtures which combine led and optical reflectors
2013 DGA invests in the research of new optics to be matched with the latest led technology

ISO 9001 certification

This is the most widespread and recognized certification in the world

The achieved title confirms DGA high quality of the productive process. The company, in fact, is always oriented to the continuous enhancement of the operational efficiency in order to improve its performances and the customer satisfaction.

The beauty of DGA light fixtures is the consequence of an honest, crystal and precise way of thinking. They are beautiful and pure, just like the technology which is inside them. Every fixture shape is based on the purpose it is made for, therefore each fitting is entirely designed and manufactured ex novo. In this way we can improve the performances of a specific LED type, in a coherent and essential way which is distinctive of a professional equipment.



DGA has decided to be free of choosing, according to each project, the best LED available on the market. This is the reason why DGA does not give the exclusive partnership to any producer, renouncing to evident economical advantages in favour of the quality of the product. In DGA, the project does not stoop to compromises.


Designing without compromises is possible thanks to DGA Design Centre which is specialised in the precision engineering and provided with excellent manufacturing tools. Each single mechanic component is designed, prototyped, tested and manufactured inside the company.


Designing and manufacturing the best LED lighting fixtures requires an investment in the research and the continuous updating of the know-how. Besides all this, DGA adds its maniac accuracy for every single detail. This accuracy begins with the selection of the materials which is focused on the technical features and on the respect for high quality standards required by DGA.

One of the fundamentals in DGA is to guarantee a very high quality product. For this reason the manufacturing process is almost entirely managed internally: even if it means a higher cost for the company, it gives the possibility to manage independently the production times and methods, it helps accelerating the procedures and, above all, it guarantees the quality of each single manufacturing step. Also, another big advantage is the flexibility which is essential for the manufacture of customised fixtures.



DGA transforms the raw material through stock removal process, starting from a solid bar, in order to obtain the shape required. This is the reason why DGA can manufacture its products with the highest performance shapes possible, avoiding the constraints that other procedures imply, like the pressing or the extrusion.


DGA workshops are provided with a fleet of numerically controlled machines which use the top existing technology and are constantly updated. The accuracy of the procedures permits to have tolerances up to the hundredth of a millimeter.



For LED circuits, DGA chose to adopt the Vapor Phase technology: a particular method born and applied above all in military and aerospace fields. This technology permits to avoid the overheating of the most delicate components and gives as result a very accurate welding which is homogeneous and continuous all along, even in the most difficult parts to reach.


The internal manufacturing and assembling of the LED circuits guarantee the light source to work in the best possible conditions and the lighting fixture to have a longer life.

DGA buys only Aluminum and Stainless Steel type AISI 316L, provided with quality and guarantee certificates, with a stable and time-resistant percentage of the components and of the alloy compounds. Being able to control the stability of the raw material means, for instance, being sure that the aluminum heat sink maintains the same quality and thermal stability in all the different production lots.



The quality of DGA mechanical workings can be recognized even by touching them. The surface of the metallic components indicates the carefulness in the manufacture. Once it is dug from the solid aluminum bar with numerically controlled machines, the component is firstly subjected to a buffing treatment and then polished or matt. It is then dipped into galvanising baths which oxidize the surface and give it hardness and weather resistance.


All DGA products are subjected to the painting procedure which increases their strength over time and their weather resistance.


This is the final treatment which all the Stainless Steel 316L components are subjected to. An example of total reliability and control


The cleaning process of all the metal components manufactured takes place inside DGA company as well. Thanks to this procedure, it is possible to remove all imperfections, impurities and dusts from the components and to obtain the polished or matt effect required for the material.


In the interests of transparency and reliability, and considering its products long life, DGA decided to adopt a laser engraving procedure which is actually indelible and scratchproof. The laser engraving also contains the information about the installation, use and retrieve of the fixtures so that it will always be possible to IDENTIFY the technical information of each product, even after many years.

DGA handles all the manufacturing phases which means that, after the design and the production of the numerous components of the fixture, the company also optimised their stock inside the warehouse. DGA, in fact, adopted the automated vertical storages where each component is recorded and identified through its reference code that the assembly department can directly and automatically request. In this way, everything is always orderly and space-saved, and the material quantities are always updated: even here everything is always under control.



Every component is recorded, encoded and orderly stocked inside the automated vertical storage. In this way it is easier and faster tracing the material needed for the assembly.


A precise and updated components storage. DGA keeps under control the quantities in order to avoid any problem or lack of spare parts.


The assembly department is a very orderly place where the fitting is finally assembled. Every component, that is identified by a code, comes to the operator who starts the fitting assembly procedure. Lastly, the product that is ready, is carefully packaged to be safe during the carriage.