The Arabesque Temporary Store: light shapes the space

The Arabesque Cult Store, kaleidoscopic environment where fashion, design and food come together in a unique atmosphere, has renewed after ten years the spaces of Largo Augusto in Milan.

During the renovation, customers were welcomed in L'Arabesque Temporary Store, pop up shop in Corso di Porta Vittoria, close to the historic location.

In the new space the rooms are designed in detail by the designer and collector Chichi Meroni and the team of architects Giovanni Pacciani and Claudio Bignazzi. A sinuous and enveloping alternation of volumes characterizes the boutique that reproduces the mood, style and contents of the Arabesque Cult Store.

The lighting was designed to enhance a place as rich as sophisticated.

The need to create a personalized experience, able to be remembered, was the starting point for the definition of the lighting project, by Studio Flux CS.

Mini Tini with magnetic attachment and Armonia for shelves, hidden inside gorges and niches, are integrated into the architecture giving the light an essential role that enhances and completes the architectural environment. The lighting is flexible and clean.

DGA’s lighting solutions have been chosen to meet the multiple needs of the retail world: luminaire miniaturization, high visual comfort, high colour rendering, in a perfect combination of performance and design.

Project: L’Arabesque Temporary Store
Architects: Giovanni Pacciani and Claudio Bignazzi
Lighting Design: Flux CS
Products: Mini Tini with magnetic attachment, Armonia for shelves
Place: Milan

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