The booth designed by Calvi Brambilla for DGA at the “Light + Building” fair

A stand that thinks about the perfection of the products created by the nature and of the ones created by the man.

DGA, leader company in the production of LED lighting fixtures, entrusted the Calvi Brambilla studio for the creation of its stand for the 2018 edition of the “Light + Building” fair, that will be held in Frankfurt from the 18th to the 23rd of March.

Fabio Calvi e Paolo Brambilla borrow the perfect creations of the nature to highlight the parallelism with DGA products, that reached a very high quality and an extreme reliability, thanks to the use of the last state-of-art of the LED technology and to the attention to every single detail.

Here comes the idea to show the stand with a concept focused on the miniaturisation theme, more and more present in their new collection. To do that, the Milanese architects have chosen the beetle, a small perfect nature element, which is characterized by its beauty and aesthetic purity, just like DGA products.

The stand is conceived like an entomology museum – Fabio Calvi commented – where beetles become perfect to embrace DGA light, creating an amazing atmosphere.
The beetles get out of the showcases, turning around in a geometrical space and creating a parallelism between a natural and an artificial order, where nature blends into the human being.