Light Addicted Tables: dialogues to explore the nuances of lighting

The world of lighting comes alive with new perspectives thanks to Light Addicted Tables, a format created by DGA in collaboration with Making of Light and Advised Agency.

The suggestive Showroom in Corso Monforte 23 in Milan is the perfect setting for the series of meetings that are aimed at lighting designers and architects.

DGA, which strongly believes in the importance of spreading the culture of light, has developed a talk program that embraces a vast universe of issues related to lighting.

The first event, held on 28 September, saw the lighting designer Lisa Marchesi explore the theme "Retail" through her latest creations for prestigious high fashion houses. During the meeting, the speaker presented some custom luminaires made in collaboration with DGA.

The second event, on 19 October, hosted the lighting designer Massimiliano Baldieri, founder of the Baldieri Studio, a landmark in the light industry. Through evocative projects such as those made for the Gagosian Gallery, Curia Iulia in Rome, Palazzo Grimani and Palazzo Ducale in Venice to the Museum of Mosul in Iraq, Baldieri illustrated the relationship between light and art, through the narration of the scenes and the dialogues with the creatives for the correct and scenographic lighting of the works, without excluding any aspect.

The third meeting, on 16 November, dealt with a subject of great impact, namely lighting in the exhibition/ trade fair design with the participation of the architect Paolo Brambilla of the Calvi Brambilla Studio. Through fascinating case studies, Brambilla highlighted how lighting plays a crucial role in the creation of impactful exhibition stands, overcoming the limits imposed by the rules and the standard environments of the exhibition halls.

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the talks. The full recordings are available at the following links:

Lisa Marchesi → Light Addicted Tables #1

Massimiliano Baldieri → Light Addicted Tables #2

Paolo Brambilla → Light Addicted Tables #3

Looking to the future, the 2024 program promises to amaze with a rich and engaging schedule.

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