Traditional echoes and modern suggestions in perfect harmony

In the heart of the Sienese countryside, in Sansano, there is a holiday home with a relaxed and contemporary taste that perfectly blends with the poetry of the landscape.
An uneven set of small buildings has given way to a residential unit,
in which you can fully read the spirit of the work carried out by Studio m²atelier, expression of a welcome of value away from nostalgic redundancies.
The watch tower, the only independent volume, not physically connected to the main body of the structure, is powered by DGA devices.
The entire holiday home is defined by clean lines and it establishes a meeting point between nature and built space. Raw wood and natural materials characterize the various environments that shine with a radiant simplicity.
The lighting has also been designed to give a harmonic effect to the residence.
Built-in luminaires Gemma 35 IP67 Solovetro, placed at the entrance of the tower, enhance its verticality and its perception.
Hidden between the beams, Tono P wall lights give the bedroom a warm and homogeneous lighting.
The room dedicated to the body care, small sized, is lit by Tono i IP67, in special version, which directs the light beam on the sink avoiding shady or darker areas.
The splendor of this residence, characterized by a minimal language, is enhanced by incredibly small sized and high-performing luminaires.

Project: private villa
Architectural Project: m²atelier
Place: Gaiole in Chianti (Si)
Gemma 35 IP67 Solovetro, Tono i IP67, Tono P
Photographer: Lorenzo Pennati 

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