Pianegonda store in Milan: jewels in light

Pianegonda, Italian excellence in the world of silver jewelry part of Bros Manifatture Group, has opened a flagship store at number 3 in via del Gesù in Milan.
The boutique, which overlooks the prestigious shopping street with two windows, is characterized by an elegant and sophisticated space that fully reflects the aesthetics of the Vicenza brand.
Essential architectural codes, a palette of colors ranging from teal green to dove gray, create a suggestive atmosphere, enhancing the jewels displayed.
The lighting was designed not only to ensure the appropriate levels of illumination but to create lighting scenarios with a high visual impact and to define games of contrasts able to arouse emotions.
Several DGA luminaires welcome and direct the visitor's gaze along a precise path.
General lighting is entrusted to Quantum QF1 + downlights which integrate within the architectural composition relying on a sober and elegant minimalism.
Small Mini Tini projectors, inside suspended display cases, direct the attention to the products exposed.
Operaprima luminaires, wisely placed on the central windows of the store, stimulate and create suggestions to the customer.
Pianegonda jewels express their identity through the light that shapes, reveals and highlights its peculiarities.

Project: Pianegonda store, Milan
Concept: Stefano Sagripanti
Quantum QF1 +, Mini Tini, Operaprima, Kumi
Place: Milan (Italy)
Photographer: Carmelo Poidomani

Photo courtesy by Bros Manifatture

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