and Social Responsibility

About Us

DGA was founded in 1989, specialising in high-end lighting systems that use optical fibres to effectively and efficiently transmit light. In 2001, when light bulb manufacturing still seemed irreplaceable, the company proved itself a pioneer in the design and engineering of luminaires featuring LED technology. This far-sighted and courageous vision allowed DGA to establish itself as a manufacturer of luminaires for the luxury market, forging important collaborations with the museum, retail, hospitality and residential sectors.

Since 2001 the company has deposited various Italian and European patents covering technological aspects concerning dissipation and special construction techniques, which have secured important advantages for the brand in terms of luminosity, efficiency, environmental impact, durability and energy savings.
The careful study of the miniaturisation of technology is the key to the extraordinary compactness of products, which are as efficiently small as they are high-performing, reliable and safe. DGA stands out for its ability to offer clients custom solutions able to appease the most intricate requests of engineers and designers, while at the same time satisfy the constraints inherent to prestigious installations.

Tuscan and
Italian production

All DGA luminaires are developed and produced in Florentine facilities, thus ensuring the highest level of quality control and utmost long-term reliability. The entire process is carried out internally from the manufacture of the mechanical components using numerically controlled machine tools to the machining of the aluminium, bending, turning, milling and finally painting, thus guaranteeing total quality control and flexibility. The production of LED circuit boards, the use of laser cutting and high quality paint is proof of the company’s intention to continuously improve the quality of its products and services.

A journey of evolution and growth that has been unremitting for DGA throughout its 30-year history, defined by an approach to research that has led to increasingly innovative products at the service of its clients.


The organisation is structured in such a way as to ensure the internal coverage and control of all processes involved in producing the luminaires.

Specifically dedicated resources ensure the highest quality of:

  • lighting engineering design
  • mechanical design
  • optical design
  • electronic design
  • mechanical machining of parts with numerically controlled machines
  • LED board assembly in SMD
  • testing of lighting parameters in an in-house level 4 test lab as per the classification set out by standard UNI EN 13032-1 (goniophotometer)


The company is strongly motivated, supported and driven by values matured and increasingly consolidated over time. The success of the policy proposed, implemented and diffused by General Management is essentially owing to the hard work of a Team animated by a thriving passion for light, who believe in relations, who use their heart and mind to develop innovative, high-performing products tailor-made to suit the needs and desires of their future keeper. The quality of the luminaires is a direct result of the quality of the processes, work environment and respect for the People who bring those products to life.


DGA has forever demonstrated its deep respect for the environment and safety of workers, certain that its business is also the bearer of a “social responsibility” policy: the people who make all this possible work with dedication and commitment on products and services, striving to maintain a healthy and stimulating work environment where personal well-being is a top priority.

The company firmly believes in protecting the safety and dignity of its workers, adopting actions and behaviour that encourage respect for the environment. All luminaires are developed and manufactured in such a way as to ensure their minimal environmental impact during both the development and end-of-life stages, guaranteeing the protection of worker health and safety throughout the different stages of production.

The technology forever sought by DGA, that is, to make light fixtures from metal shavings, guarantees the complete recycling of production waste (aluminium, magnesium, brass and stainless steel chips), which are subsequently given new life.

Code of Ethics

The DGA Code of Ethics, a document that is regularly updated and shared with employees and external partners, helps to enshrine the guiding principles of the organisation and is supported by procedures that aim to turn the values of the company into everyday actions, such as the respect for legal provisions, for privacy, for the value of the individual and human resources, along with the safeguard of competition and environment.


Thanks to the dialogue with the varied world of local entrepreneurs, its membership (since 07/10/2015) in the Florentine section of Confindustria (the Confederation of Italian Industry) has allowed DGA to validate its business by associating it with Tuscan culture, which represents one of the fundamental pillars for understanding changes in society and stimulating new paths of growths. One of its future goals is to make its culture of light available for the enhancement of works of national and international significance.


Today, those who produce high-quality products cannot do so independently of the values tied to the localisation of production. The decision to use local suppliers represents a tangible and active contribution to local and national economic progress, helping to maintain the quality of production and reduce hazardous emissions generated by transport. The integrated management of the entire production chain (from research and development to procurement and machining, distribution and strict quality controls) offers many advantages both for the environment and safety, but also in the field of CSR, encouraging local employment.

Topping off its quality, environment, safety and social responsibility policy, DGA has also obtained ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) certification.
The company has planned ISO 45001 (safety) certification and has adhered to Ecovadis, a company that evaluates, monitors and diffuses (worldwide) the level of CSR of its member companies.