Spectacular light games for the Rampe del Poggi

The light of “Rampe del Poggi”, has been designed to differentiate the “light for the water” (pools and caves) from the “light for the architecture” (walls and cliffs).
The caves and the main multimaterial pool have been treated with cooler white light to enhance their transport, movement and natural environment.
The rusticated vertical walls and cliffs have been treated with warm white light and specific optics to enhance their volumes and shadows.
The light for the water is realized with the use of Quantum P and Macro IP67 in special execution supplied in 4000K colour temperature, and IRIDE IP68 for the main tank on the third level.
During the Florence Light Festival, the devices for the caves on the second level have been equipped with red dichroic filters for a scenographic effect.
The white light for the architectures is realized by Quantum P and Cometa LC which highlight the material characteristics of the vertical surfaces covered with ashlar and artificial marine sponges.

Aims and characteristics of the lighting design written by Claudio Vallario Architect of SILFIspa

Project and realization: SILFIspa
Location: Florence (Italy)
Products: Macro IP67 special execution, Quantum P, Cometa LC IP65, Iride 3P
Photo courtesy of SILFIspa

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