Spazio Materiae

In the heart of the Chiaia district in Naples, at n. 5 of the Brancaccio ramps, there is Spazio Materiae, a Showroom dedicated to the combination of design & food, an innovative concept conceived by two young Neapolitan architects Stefano Santoro and Teresa Carnuccio.
This “experiential” point of sale combines the exhibition and the sale of high-end kitchen and design pieces with gastronomic performances which involve chefs, wine producers and artisans of taste. A lively and dynamic space that requires an ad hoc lighting able to emphasize its peculiarities and multifaceted nature.
The devices chosen for this design environment are very small size and perfectly matched to the context, guiding the visitor experience and ensuring an intense and sharp lighting.

Project: Spazio Materiae
Architectural Project: Stefano Santoro e Teresa Carnuccio
Place: Naples (Italy)
Products: Mirum mR+, Cometa LC IP40, Tini

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