DGA and Barovier & Toso: the meeting of two excellence

Barovier & Toso chooses DGA products to light up the Showroom in Murano, a space of over 900 square meters, in Fondamenta Manin 1/C.
Metis Lighting has edited the lighting project, using the light to bring out the charm of the multitudinous reflections of Murano glass, for a unique visual experience.
Tono mR and Star 3 Am products allow to enhance and accentuate the exposed objects without mirrored lights, creating a suggestive and highly emotional atmosphere. Craftsmanship, which has always been the hallmark of DGA’s products, is expressed through projects with companies like Barovier & Toso that share with the brand values ​​such as reliability, innovation, Italian tradition and innovative design.

Lighting project: Metis Lighting
Architectural design: Calvi Brambilla
Place: Murano (Italy)
Products: Star3 Am, Tono mR

Photo courtesy by Barovier & Toso

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