Tuli IP67 Adjustable projectors


Illuminate with high scenic impact

Outdoor projector that emits an extremely defined beam of light, able to customize everything that illuminates with decisive elegance, in a body with a minimal and compact design.

Technical Data

  • IP67
  • III
  • 595 gr
  • Wall, ceiling, floor mounting
  • Connect in series at 350mA
  • 300-500 lm - 500-1000 lm


example of code composition:
LensCodeFlowPowerPower supply
10° Lens 734061._ _ 750lm 12W 350mA
30° Lens 764061._ _ 750lm 12W 350mA
with honeycomb louver
LensCodeFlowPowerPower supply
10° Lens 734062._ _ 450lm 12W 350mA
30° Lens 764062._ _ 450lm 12W 350mA
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A00960.40 Low glare snoot
A00387.40 Watertight connector
A00937.60 Stainless steel stake
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