Mirum mR+ Fixtures with springs and trimless


Dga fixtures for recessed use: the constant evolution

DGA keeps evolving and improving its products. This is the reason why all Hi Efficacy fixtures for recessed use have been recently upgraded from both technical and aesthetical points of view. All the fittings supplied with low glare system are now available with new finishes in order to improve the integration within the architecture: grey, black, white, gold, gothic cement, corten and oyster white. The whole indoor range for recessed installation is also available with several optics, powers and versions for satisfying all kinds of project requirement.

Techical Data

  • IP40
  • III
  • 290 gr
  • 60 cm cable with quick connector
  • 78 mm
  • Wall, ceiling recessed
  • Recessed Box for concrete and brickwork


  • 3 Grey
  • 4 Black
  • 7 White

LED colour

  • 6 3000K
  • 9 4000K
  • T 3000K Dim-to-warm
  • W 3000K CRI > 90
  • Y 2700K


example of code composition:
LensCodeFlowPowerPower supply
15° Reflector 7A3350._ _ 800lm 6W 180mA
15° Reflector 7A3351._ _ 1000lm 8W 250mA
15° Reflector 7A3950._ _ 1000lm 12W 350mA
40° Reflector 743350._ _ 800lm 6W 180mA
40° Reflector 743351._ _ 1000lm 8W 250mA
40° Reflector 743950._ _ 1000lm 12W 350mA
40° Reflector 743950._ T 1000lm 12W 350mA
  • Foto


A00366.80 Linear Spread
A00367.40 Hex Louver
A00368.80 Prismatic Spread
A00369.80 Softening Lens
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