Cometa S8 Appliques and suspensions


Luminous line, invisible and infinite

Cometa S8 is a suspension fixture characterized by a high efficacy technology enshrined in a small profile of 8mm only. The light is homogenously diffused and keeps unchanged its efficacy even up to 3 meters length. The light source is almost invisible within the profile so that the attention is focused on the details of the architecture only. Thanks to its thinness and elegance, Cometa S8 can perfectly integrate into all contexts.

Homogenous light with no visible LED points
Integration within the architecture
The right length for each project

Techical Data

  • IP40
  • II
  • III
  • 400 gr/m
  • Connect to the main voltage 170-277Vac.
  • Connect in parallel at 24Vdc


  • 4 Black

LED colour

  • 1 5000K
  • D 4000K CRI > 90
  • W 3000K CRI > 90
  • X 2700K CRI > 90


example of code composition:
170-277 Vac
LensCodeFlowPowerPower supply
Opal cover QSFP1-___.__ 500lm 12W 170-277Vac
Opal cover NSFP1-___.__ 900lm 25W 170-277Vac
LensCodeFlowPowerPower supply
Opal cover Q2FP1-___.__ 500lm 12W 24Vdc
Opal cover N2FP1-___.__ 900lm 25W 24Vdc
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