Aurora Zoom 1500 mP Track fixtures and appliques


Perfect setting up

Aurora Zoom 1500 mP and 3000 mP complete the Aurora range in the catalogue, integrating the existing with the innovative Zoom optics. With a simple twisting of the front ring, the optic can be zoomed from a narrow to a large beam angle. With a single device it is possible to obtain a wide range of light beams.
The projector has a high flexibility of use and its optical variability makes it ideal for the wide world of Retail.

Innovative Zoom optics
Optical flexibility and variability
Intuitive adjustment system

Techical Data

  • IP40
  • III
  • 690 gr
  • 52 mm
  • Wall, ceiling recessed
  • Connect in series at 450mA


  • 7 White
  • H Black
  • W All white

LED colour

  • 6 3000K
  • 9 4000K
  • W 3000K CRI > 90
  • Y 2700K


example of code composition:
LensCodeFlowPowerPower supply
Zoom Lens 9°> 40° 7Z4011._ _ 1500lmlm 14W 450mA
  • Foto
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