Aurora Zoom 1500 F Projectors (18W)


Optimal setting up of the beam

The Aurora Zoom series projectors, with minimal design and small volumes, thanks to the zoom device, allow you to adjust the optics, to meet any design need.
The light emission adjustment modifies the beam and ensures an effective and flexible light. These versatile luminaires are available in wall-mounted, track-mounted  and semirecessed versions.

Well defined light
Zoom optic for multiple light effects
Shapes reinvented through light

Zoom optics for finely accentuated illumination

Technical Data

  • IP40
  • II
  • 735gr
  • Wall, ceiling mounting track
  • Supplied with adaptor flush to 230Vac track
  • 500-1000 lm


  • 7 White - RAL 9003
  • H Black - RAL 9005
  • W All white

LED colour

  • Y 2700K
  • 6 3000K CRI > 80
  • W 3000K CRI > 90
  • 9 4000K


example of code composition:
LensCodeFlowPowerPower supply
Zoom Lens 9°> 40° 7Z4205.__ 900lm 18W 220-240Vac
LensCodeFlowPowerPower supply
Zoom Lens 9°> 40° 7Z4206.__ 900lm 18W 220-240Vac
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