Home Theatre Hall _ Showroom Domoworks

Domoworks entrusts to Anonima Luci the lighting project of the Home-Theatre Hall, realized within the Showroom in Milan as practical example of the potential of the brand: a space curated by the client from any point of view, from the audio-video system to the core-business, up to the realization of the whole enclosure and interior layout.
Mini Tini, becomes the best solution to meet the needs of this project.The two side walls of the Home-Theatre Hall are supplied with prismatic sectioned panels, rotating on motorized pins, which allow to change the acoustic properties of the environment, through cutting-edge technologies, Hence the need to emphasize these “smart” walls.
Mini Tini, with its excellent light efficiency and smallest dimensions, perfectly fits for aim of the project, enhancing the walls, and almost disappearing within the ceilings, thanks to its concealed finish.

Lighting Project: Anonima Luci
Architectural design: Studio Tonassiranghetti
Place: Milano (Italy)
Products: Mini Tini