DGA enlights Bismut & Bismut stand for AD intérieurs

AD intérieurs celebrates its tenth edition with the exhibition «Metamorfosi» at the Hotel de Coulanges in Paris.
“The metamorphosis”, theme of the exhibition, has been shown in the thirteen architectural projects. Each project has transformed rough spaces in sophisticated and dynamic places.
The event editorial staff selected architects and interior designers and asked them to create a personal space according to their own style.
Bismut & Bismut studio was appointed to work on the relax room. Volumes, proportions, materials and light made a dynamic space. This location, although minimal, looks majestic, simple and rich at the same time.
Salon de repos stands out thanks to soft textures, contrasts of materials, a constant dialogue between drama and harmony.
The lighting project respects and emphasizes the architecture by using DGA TONO projectors, custom version.

Project: Bismut & Bismut Stand for AD intérieurs
Architectural design: Bismut & Bismut
Location: Paris
Photographer: Bismut & Bismut
Products: Special Tono with Macro Fixing System