DGA at Architect@Work 2021 I 3-4 November 2021 I MiCo - Milano Congressi

DGA will attend the Architect@Work in Milano, one of the main events in Europe dedicated to professionals of architecture, which will take place on November 3rd and 4th at Mico-Milano Congressi.
A technical commission, composed by architects and interior designers, selected DGA products to be exhibited at the fair.
DGA will present a selection of architectural lighting fixtures:

ARMONIA CURVA is a linear profile composed by modular in-line sources. Thanks to its flexibility, it can be placed along curved surfaces, such as shelves or walls.
It is ideal to enlighten complex exhibition spaces, where modularity and flexibility are the necessary requirements.

ECO IP67 is a slim and light wall fixture but at the same time resistant and balanced. Eco project revolves around a cylindrical aluminium diffuser which provides a discreet lighting.

NANO TINI is a very small (20x9 mm) and powerful shop window spot. It is the highest concentration of LED technology and components miniaturization, all developed by DGA.

PIEGA 140 (designed by Valerio Sommella & Anonima Luci) is a wall step light composed by a small aluminium slab, folded like a sheet of paper, which encloses a light cylinder. The asymmetrical LED light source diffuses a soft and diffused light.

SINFONIA is a small and removable light portal composed by two standing poles and a horizontal bar, all 8x8 mm sized. The revolutionary magnetic junction turns the light on and off and the absence of cable allows a 360° rotation of the bar.

TONO B 48V is a mini projector characterized by maximum swivel and small dimensions. The track installation makes them extremely flexible, perfect for the retail and hospitality sector.

Architect@Work Milano 2021
3-4 November 2021 // Booth 87

MiCo – Milano Congressi
Via Gattamelata, 13

20149 Milano MI