The search for perfection is what distinguishes us

Designing and producing the best LED lights entails genetic predisposition: the DNA of a company consist of its experience, its know-how, its way of doing things. It demands throughness and inventiveness, like precision mechanics. Like the most advanced hi-tech, it requires research and continuous know-how updating. In addition to all this, DGA adds two crucial factors: a great flexibility that shows care to the needs of each client and an almost obsessive attention to details. This is how we create the unique quality and absolute reliability of a DGA product.

Obsessed with quality,
passionate about organization.

For DGAit is essential to guarantee the highest quality of its products . This is why the production of the fixtures is almost totally carried out in-house. This means having higher costs, but it allows to freely manage production times and methods, speed up the process and above all guarantee the quality control of each single processing step.
It also has a further great advantage: flexibility, a key feature especially when creating customised products.

Our history

  • 1989

    DGA was born, and its DNA is already clearly defined: DGA lighting systems reach and fix the highest level in terms of light quality.

  • 2001

    DGA is one of the few companies investing in the LED research: DGA creates innovation and never chases after simply comply with the market.

  • 2004

    The long research starts to get some results: DGA patents a new modular technology which permits to apply power LED to lighting fields.

  • 2008

    The patents and technologies by DGA are applied to many several sectors, always creating new kings of LED fixtures.

  • 2009

    It’s always DGA that manufactures for the first time fixtures which combine LED with optical reflectors, obtaining excellent photometric and working performances.

  • 2013

    DGA invests in the research of new optics to be matched with the last LED technology.

  • 2018

    The fixtures of the new collections guarantee an high efficacy performance, never seen before: a new and important goal has been reached.

Quality materials


DGA purchases only aluminium and aisi 316l stainless steel that are provided with quality and guarantee certificates, with stable percentages of components and compounds of the alloy that don't change over time. Having control over the stability of the raw material means, for example, being certain that the aluminium heatsink maintains the same quality and thermal stability in every production lot.


A project with no compromises is made possible by a design centre specialized in precision mechanics design and supplied with excellent production equipment and tools. Every single mechanical component is conceived, prototyped, tested and produced in-house.


For every project dga always chooses only the best LEDs available on the market. This is why it does not grant exclusivity to any supplier, renouncing obvious economic advantages in favour of product quality. Projects, in dga, make no compromises.


Designing and producing the best LED lights requires research and continuous updating of our know-how. In addition to all this, DGA adds an almost obsessive attention to details. This attention starts from the selection of materials, focused only on technical characteristics and compliance with high quality standards.

Customised solutions,

DGA is specialised in creating customised products. These special fixures, even if they are single pieces, are not prototypes but are created following the same procedure as with standard products, respecting all production steps and passing all qualitative tests.
The unique concept of a space is a challenge to develop innovative lighting solutions. Every time dga develops a new project, it enriches its DNA and prepares for a new evolution.

For DGA creating customised devices is truly a vocation. Many of the most important architectural and design projects in the world are illuminated by our LED technology.

photo courtesy by LVMH