Odino 6 P Adjustable floodlights


Driverless technology

The LED fixtures for Outdoor Odino 6 P and Odino 6 i can be directly connected to the main voltage 220-240Vac since they do not need to be used with a driver. The driverless technology, then, eases the installation of the fixtures and simplifies the wiring. Odino 6 P is a projector with compact dimensions for outdoor use; Odino 6 i is the version for recessed use and which is possible to drive over. Therefore, Odino range represents a complete product line for architectural and green areas lighting up.

Tech Data

  • IP67
  • II
  • 350 gr
  • Provided with 100 cm neoprene cable
  • Wall, ceiling, floor mounting
  • Connect to the main voltage 220-240Vac.


  • 3 Gray
  • 4 Black
  • B Dark bronze

LED colour

  • 6 3000K


example code composition:
LensCodeFlowPowerPower supply
30° Lens 763737._ _ lm 6W 220-240Vac
50° Lens 7D3737._ _ lm 6W 220-240Vac


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