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DGA decided to give one more tool for those who are looking for insights or suggestions on specific topics related to lighting design. A space where find practical solutions for each case.
The vast panorama of cases and glass display, provides an opportunity for the first item: a focus on lighting of the jewels placed in glass display.

Thermal interfaces in lighting… how far have we got to?

The unbearable lightness of thermal Since LED technology entered the world of lighting it was immediately clear that the need of protecting and increasing LED ‘s life would have been of primary importance. As it is proved by now, an efficient Thermal management allows to apply a greater electricity to the LED,

LED colour stability and consistency

When a led performance is evaluated the mainly considered parameter is the maintenance in time flow. It is a clearly deformation which takes its origins from a merely quantitative approach towards the lighting design, since the most critical parameter for the almost totality of the installations remains the colour change of the light emitted from […]

The light design evolution through LED: evolution or revolution?

2009 The technology development advancement on source of lights, particularly through big investments on LED technologies, will bring great benefits in energy terms, today hardly to quantify within the system global efficiency aspects in the whole life cycle of “Municipal Public Lighting Plan of Florence Municipal district”, that is a report on the general planning […]

LED technology, quality and efficiency before everyone’s eyes.

Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence, an extraordinary installation as an everyday occurrence for enhancing the public heritage and being evidence of the new LED technology employment sceneries An international symbol, a touristic landmark, an artistic quality and classic design icon, a peerless benchmark of Italian culture, a unique

Light for cultural goods

Practical rules for protecting the artworks and for the offering to the public of their best visual fruition. Anyone who stayed abroad for a while, or who have had frequent contacts with foreign people, knows that our Country’s admired especially because of its rich cultural heritage.